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How it started

Let's Innovate through Education, or LITE, was born in Hardy Farrow’s Teach for America classroom in 2013. The goal of the program was to challenge students to dream of innovative ways to change their community through entrepreneurial ideas. Over a 4 year period, LITE grew from a tiny classroom to an established organization teaching 21st century skills to over 1,000 students across the city of Memphis. LITE partners with several community organizations including Bridges, Streets Ministries, Memphis Athletic Ministries, and Reach Memphis to find and recruit talented students for it's prestigious Finalist Program. 


Our vision is for African-American and Latinx students to close the racial wealth gap by becoming entrepreneurs and securing high-wage jobs.


Our mission is to equip African-American and Latinx students with 21st-century skills to create wealth.

Three fundamental challenges to creating wealth

Unlike other programs, LITE has developed a unique multi-year model that works with students from the age of 17 through the age of 25. This long-term model tackles the three fundamental challenges to starting a business: experience, networks, and skills.