SpotLITE: Kynnedy Tuggle

By Talia Owens

Kynnedy Tuggle is way ahead of most her peers career wise. Now a rising sophomore at Rhodes College, Kynnedy came into the LITE Program through Power Center Academy where she took her love for baking and started her business ‘Love In A Kup.’ This summer, Kynnedy is spending her time reviving her cupcake business and I got an inside look on what it’s like being a young business owner.

Q: What are you doing this summer? I know you internship is slightly different from everyone else’s.

A: I am revamping my business plan and re-energizing my baking business, “Love in a Kup”. I went to Power Center Academy High School which is a business school and I made my business plan when I was in the 8th grade. Until this summer I hadn’t really touched it so it was a bit immature. We just figured that it would be helpful for me to revamp since I’m beginning to branch out from family and friends, and starting to reach out to other customers.

Q: When you started ‘Love in a Kup,’ was it because you had a deep passion for baking? If so how long has it been your passion?

A: I’ve always loved baking so when I was in 8th grade and we had to make a business plan I thought, “I might as well do a business related to something I enjoy” so that’s what I did. Then, in 9th grade I was like “I’m gonna sell cupcakes.” So when I met Hardy a few years later I participated in the LITE Finalist program and used my cupcake concept as a part of the program.

Q: With ‘Love in a Kup,’ are you focused on one specific task or are you tackling a lot of different things when it comes to running your business?

A: I’m tackling a lot! I still bake. I’ve had a over 10 orders this summer which is big for me. In the midst of me working, essentially for myself, I bake, some days I work and just use those hours and then the other days I’m working on my business plan. It’s just juggling a lot but it’s not too hard. It just requires some good planning and organization.

Q: Is building your own business something that compliments your personality or is it something that’s challenged it?

A: I like challenges. My favorite quote is, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,” so I think challenges are everything. Typically you get challenged a lot in whatever you do. Even with the job I have outside of my baking business, I get stretched and challenged but I mean I think challenges are apart of life so it’s nothing for me to dwell on. So yes, to answer your question, I have challenges, but I don’t let them define me. I don’t let the world know about them.

Q: What are three things you’ve learned about yourself since you’ve started ‘Love in a Kup’?

A: I’ve learned leveling patience. Learning patience is everything, like a life long thing, especially for me. I’ve also learned, I’m very passionate. That sounds weird but I just used to think I was just doing my job. The third thing I’ve learned is that I’m extremely loyal.

Q: If you could tell any person or any student who has an idea or knows they want to work for themselves but they don’t know where to start, what advice would you give them?

A: Write your idea down. Don’t tell the world about your idea right away. Talk to somebody you really have a close relationship with and that you think can help you move on to the next step and just be patient. Like I said earlier, patience is key. I didn’t learn patience until I was in the eleventh grade and I feel like my life would have been better if I learned a little early on in life. But being patient with yourself allows you to be patient in your dream and be patient with others when you might present your dream to the somebody and they’re not okay with it. So being patient means ‘okay next time. It might not be my time.’ Just be patient with where you’re at.