SpotLITE: Anisah Karim

By Talia Owens

Anisah Karim is a noteworthy Innovation Fellow and she's been up to quite a bit since her time in the  LITE Finalist program. Anisah previously attended Middle College High School, where she joined LITE, and launched Sous Chef, a healthy cooking initiative to teach low income students how to eat and cook with health in mind. She is now a rising sophomore at the University of Memphis. This summer, Anisah spent her time interning with the Memphis Education Fund, a non-profit fund that convenes educational partners and helps them coalesce around the highest priorities for improvement. Now that her internship is coming to an end, I was able to sit down and reflect on her experience.


Q: Where are you interning this summer?

A: I am working at the Memphis Education Fund located in Memphis's brand new crosstown concourse. I work under the Advocacy umbrella of the organization under the leadership of the Director of Advocacy, Tosha Downey.

Q: What is a typical day like at Memphis Education Fund?

A: I basically work from my desk, usually on various projects focusing on education and advocacy and supporting the department. I also help with office management. The internship is very hands on and I stay pretty busy. 

Q: How is your work environment?

A. For the most part, it's laid back but can be demanding at times. Everyone has their own agenda but we like to collaborate and we all help each other out.

Q: What special skills have you picked up during your time at the Memphis Education Fund?

A: I've learned how to manage an office space. I feel that that's an important skill to have. Also, I've been able to brush up my writing skills and was able to publish an article with Chalkbeat Tennessee. You can find it HERE

Q: How do you feel the things you have learned through this experience will help you in the long run?

A: I've been able to exercise my brain a lot, which is good. I've been able to make new connections and network, which is very important in the line of work that I do and will do in my career path.

Q: What things have you learned about yourself through this experience?

A: I've learned that I love education, just not the way it's done. It's good to know that there are organizations feel the same and work hard to reform it. I've been able to map out what I want to do with my career as well.